SCPI: Definition, Benefits, And Risks Of This Real Estate Investment

Civil, real estate investment companies (REITs) attract new investors every year in search of alternatives to life insurance in euros or regular returns, in particular, to compensate for income losses once retired. Overview of this diversification real estate investment, its advantages, and disadvantages, the different types of REITs

What is SCPI?

The SCPI was born at the end of the 1960s and was enshrined in French law by the law of December 31, 1970, and then by the Stock Exchange Commission (Cob, former name of the AMF) on July 1, 1971, in its general regulations. This acronym stands for a local real estate investment company. Its primary purpose is the acquisition and management of rental property assets to achieve a return. They can carry out development work at the margin, buy capital goods and resell certain buildings on an ad hoc basis, but they have a formal prohibition to build real estate.

Most REITs are intended to invest in a commercial real estate, with offices and businesses leading the way.

SCPI With Fixed Capital

Some SCPIs are known as variable capital or closed-end capital. > Performance SCPI: fixed or variable money, what are the differences?

In the case of a closed-end SCPI, an investor can only subscribe for units during fundraising periods designed to increase his investment capacity. The frequency of capital increases varies widely from one closed-end SCPI to another. This type of SPCI is also more constraining to invest since you have to wait for a subscription window to buy shares, and especially if the partner wants to sell his shares, he must find buyers.

SCPI Of Surplus Value

Value-added SCPIs also was known as capitalization SCPIs rely on buildings, premises, housing or offices with a high resale appreciation potential to deliver capital gains to the futures market. In contrast to the other two types of investments (tax and yield SCPIs), these companies do not distribute a small amount of quarterly or half-yearly income, the logic being to carry out regular evaluations of the value of the units.Among the SCPI of capital gains, we can mention Pierre 48 managed by Paref Gestion, Patrimmo Croissance (positioned on the acquisition of the bare ownership of housing) managed by Peritoneal Reim. It should also be noted that the Immune two commercial SCPI led by Society is part of similar logic while distributing dividends.

Or With Variable Capital

SPCIs with variable capital are more flexible since they can issue or cancel new shares, which make it easier for investors to buy or sell units. However, the statutes of this type of company set to purchase and exit limits.


Thanks to the tax systems inherited from the rental investment, the SCPI Pinel or SCPI Malraux type SCPIs are intended for investors wishing to invest in real estate without worrying about management while benefiting from a reduction in tax. They have the double advantage of combining economic leverage and diversification in several buildings. However, the yield of this kind of products is lower. > SCPI tax, reduce tax with limited investment
The real estate of these SCPIs is often composed of new homes located in the city center.
Before placing its funds in such an SCPI, the investor must ensure that he does not need money immediately by taking stock of his patrimonial and fiscal situation since these SCPI are more restrictive. To benefit fully from the tax benefits, the holding of the shares of a Pinel SCPI is obligatorily 6, 9 or 12 years from the rental of the last housing of the SCPI, which implies a period of detention generally more extended from three to five years beyond the tax retention period, i.e., a total lock-in period of up to fifteen years.


Selling Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent

How to Sell A House Without Intermediaries (Quickly and Profitably)

We prepared a step-by-step instruction for those who decided to sell their house on their own, without intermediaries. We will tell you how to do it quickly, profitable and safe. What are the common mistakes and how not to get into a problematic situation when selling a house?

The realtor is told that the case is complicated and only they in the market understand how to sell a house. But in fact, it can be done by any person. The main thing is to act correctly at every stage of the sale, and then there will be no problems.

What mistakes do property sellers allow? The most typical of these is the loss of control over the situation. This cannot be allowed. Having studied our recommendations and armed with knowledge, you will sell your house in a reasonable time and at the maximum price. Do your transaction without risk, eliminating the possible loss of money or real estate due to simple miscalculations.

Selling Your Home Without an Agent (But to A Reputable Company)

We would be remiss if we did not mention an alternative to self-selling your home. Most people are unaware, but there are options available to sell your home quickly and for a high return. Of course, there are many things that need to be considered, most notably the condition of the home itself. However, if you are interested in selling your home without an agent, there are many local house-buying companies that would be more than interested in talking to you. A quick Google search can provide you with quality companies such as These Guys Buy, a house-buying company located in Dallas, TX (These Guys Buy on Facebook). As always, do your due diligence and make the best choice for you.

Advantages of Self-Selling Houses

The main advantage is that you get more money when selling it than using the services of intermediaries. On sale, there is nothing complicated, but you will save 2-3 thousand dollars. To secure and guarantee that everything will go right and safely, you can take 300 US dollars for the services of a professional lawyer in support of real estate transactions. On the remaining money, it is better to go on vacation to hot countries than to give this money to a realtor for useless services. The money will be enough to travel together to Thailand for ten days.

Intermediaries only promise that with them the sale will go better. In fact, the market is the same customers. They seek through intermediaries, and independently. First, of course, everyone is looking for without intermediaries. Nobody wants to overpay money in vain. The fact that your house is sold without the services of realtors is a big plus. Many, in principle, do not want to contact them and overpay. And with the agency, you lose this category of people.

The Price and Terms of Sale of The House

Before you put a home for sale, you must determine the purpose that pursues. What can be the options?

• You want to sell a house at an average market price to meet within a reasonable time. Ready to sell for 2-3 months.

• You want to sell more than the market price, while you are prepared to look for an unlimited time buyer. Prepared to wait for the sale of the year and until better times.

• You want to sell a house quickly; money is needed urgently, so you are ready to lower the price below the market price. Until the end of the transaction from a week to a month.

$500 every two weeks. So, you will find the level of demand for your house and the real buyer.

The Main Thing Is the Market Price

As you can see, in any variant it is necessary to build on the market price. It is she who determines the time of sale of the house. And the market price is determined by the demand of buyers. It does not matter how much you bought a home or how much money was invested in repairs. Only the current state of affairs in the market is essential.

With a slightly understated price, you will sell quickly and without problems. With a price above the market, you can trade for years and not sell. The best option is to set the average price and gradually go lower. For example, reset the price to $500 every two weeks. So, you will find the level of demand for your house and the real buyer.

Real Estate Agent Fact Sheet

Find on the real estate agent business sheet all the useful information on this job: Salary, studies, training, role, job description real estate agent, qualities, and skills required to work as a real estate agent. The profession real estate agent is part of the real estate field.

The right real estate needs in France have increased the demand for this type of job in recent years. The real estate agent acts as an interface between the seller of a property, the agency to which it is attached, and potential buyers. If its status can vary, the missions entrusted to it are generally the same:

  • Prospecting: This is the most critical and difficult task assigned to him. The real estate negotiator will have to find apartments, houses or another real estate available for sale or lease. He will travel through the geographical area assigned to him to see available goods.
  • Evaluate the value of a property: when he has found a property to rent or sell, he must evaluate it. It sets a fair price in agreement with the owner and market prices to sell or rent as soon as possible.
  • Find a buyer: he is in charge of prospecting buyers and potential tenants. For that, it will multiply the spaces of visibility: advertisements published in the newspapers or on Internet, presentation in the window of the agency?
  • Make the visits: he shows real estate properties to potential buyers. He advises them and presents them with goods adapted to their budget and their expectations.
  • Finalize the operation and manage the rentals: When the owner and the buyer or the tenant have agreed, he is responsible for finalizing the process and managing the administrative part. He usually acts as a property administrator: a collection of rents and charges, drafting of leases.

The tasks assigned to the real estate agent are numerous. He is usually responsible for a real estate transaction from start to finish. The Real Estate Advisor can become a branch manager or even a real estate agent. He will then have to master the organizational management and the management of his team to buy serenity and an abundant and steady development of his agency turnover.

Estate Agent Salary

What salary and how much does a real estate agent earns?

On average, a non-executive real estate agent earns around € 32,000 gross per year in France.

Qualities and skills needed

What are the conditions and skills required to be hired as a real estate agent?

He has perfect knowledge of the local real estate market: the prices on sale and renting currently practiced, the most appreciated districts, the competition. He has strong commercial abilities. He has a good sense of touch. His power of conviction is developed. He knows how to negotiate with his clients the prices of goods and commissions paid. His presentation is irreproachable. He is available and dynamic. Depending on his specialty, he may be required to speak one or more foreign languages fluently.

Head of Real Estate Agency

The position of head of real estate agency includes an aspect of commercial management as well as agency management. The size of the structure will condition the proportion in one or other of the domains. In fact, the smaller the number of employees, the more management tasks will be significant compared to the management aspect. Large entities involving sharp management and work of animation, monitoring, and daily training, management tasks can, therefore, be delegated to an assistant. The role is to establish the sale or lease of goods under market mandates and to promote and monitor them through the economic force of commercial agents under his responsibility. The job is done in the majority of the cases, the real estate crisis has accentuated the tendency, in independent, undercover or not of a network or a franchise. The composition of the structure can be supplemented, besides commercial agents, of collaborators dedicated more specifically to technical or administrative tasks. The head of an agency is responsible for the acts and transactions of the real estate agency, both on sales and rentals. The missions of the agency manager are thus to animate and manage his sales team, to ensure the search for goods to market, to ensure the marketing process from the promotion of the property, to the visit and until the signing deeds of sale and helping sellers to value their property.