Real Estate Agency

Estate Agent Salary

What salary and how much does a real estate agent earns?

On average, a non-executive real estate agent earns around € 32,000 gross per year in France.

Qualities and skills needed

What are the conditions and skills required to be hired as a real estate agent?

He has perfect knowledge of the local real estate market: the prices on sale and renting currently practiced, the most appreciated districts, the competition. He has strong commercial abilities. He has a good sense of touch. His power of conviction is developed. He knows how to negotiate with his clients the prices of goods and commissions paid. His presentation is irreproachable. He is available and dynamic. Depending on his specialty, he may be required to speak one or more foreign languages fluently.

Head of Real Estate Agency

The position of head of real estate agency includes an aspect of commercial management as well as agency management. The size of the structure will condition the proportion in one or other of the domains. In fact, the smaller the number of employees, the more management tasks will be significant compared to the management aspect. Large entities involving sharp management and work of animation, monitoring, and daily training, management tasks can, therefore, be delegated to an assistant. The role is to establish the sale or lease of goods under market mandates and to promote and monitor them through the economic force of commercial agents under his responsibility. The job is done in the majority of the cases, the real estate crisis has accentuated the tendency, in independent, undercover or not of a network or a franchise. The composition of the structure can be supplemented, besides commercial agents, of collaborators dedicated more specifically to technical or administrative tasks. The head of an agency is responsible for the acts and transactions of the real estate agency, both on sales and rentals. The missions of the agency manager are thus to animate and manage his sales team, to ensure the search for goods to market, to ensure the marketing process from the promotion of the property, to the visit and until the signing deeds of sale and helping sellers to value their property.