Real Estate Agent Fact Sheet

Find on the real estate agent business sheet all the useful information on this job: Salary, studies, training, role, job description real estate agent, qualities, and skills required to work as a real estate agent. The profession real estate agent is part of the real estate field.

The right real estate needs in France have increased the demand for this type of job in recent years. The real estate agent acts as an interface between the seller of a property, the agency to which it is attached, and potential buyers. If its status can vary, the missions entrusted to it are generally the same:

  • Prospecting: This is the most critical and difficult task assigned to him. The real estate negotiator will have to find apartments, houses or another real estate available for sale or lease. He will travel through the geographical area assigned to him to see available goods.
  • Evaluate the value of a property: when he has found a property to rent or sell, he must evaluate it. It sets a fair price in agreement with the owner and market prices to sell or rent as soon as possible.
  • Find a buyer: he is in charge of prospecting buyers and potential tenants. For that, it will multiply the spaces of visibility: advertisements published in the newspapers or on Internet, presentation in the window of the agency?
  • Make the visits: he shows real estate properties to potential buyers. He advises them and presents them with goods adapted to their budget and their expectations.
  • Finalize the operation and manage the rentals: When the owner and the buyer or the tenant have agreed, he is responsible for finalizing the process and managing the administrative part. He usually acts as a property administrator: a collection of rents and charges, drafting of leases.

The tasks assigned to the real estate agent are numerous. He is usually responsible for a real estate transaction from start to finish. The Real Estate Advisor can become a branch manager or even a real estate agent. He will then have to master the organizational management and the management of his team to buy serenity and an abundant and steady development of his agency turnover.