Selling Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent

How to Sell A House Without Intermediaries (Quickly and Profitably)

We prepared a step-by-step instruction for those who decided to sell their house on their own, without intermediaries. We will tell you how to do it quickly, profitable and safe. What are the common mistakes and how not to get into a problematic situation when selling a house?

The realtor is told that the case is complicated and only they in the market understand how to sell a house. But in fact, it can be done by any person. The main thing is to act correctly at every stage of the sale, and then there will be no problems.

What mistakes do property sellers allow? The most typical of these is the loss of control over the situation. This cannot be allowed. Having studied our recommendations and armed with knowledge, you will sell your house in a reasonable time and at the maximum price. Do your transaction without risk, eliminating the possible loss of money or real estate due to simple miscalculations.

Selling Your Home Without an Agent (But to A Reputable Company)

We would be remiss if we did not mention an alternative to self-selling your home. Most people are unaware, but there are options available to sell your home quickly and for a high return. Of course, there are many things that need to be considered, most notably the condition of the home itself. However, if you are interested in selling your home without an agent, there are many local house-buying companies that would be more than interested in talking to you. A quick Google search can provide you with quality companies such as These Guys Buy, a house-buying company located in Dallas, TX (These Guys Buy on Facebook). As always, do your due diligence and make the best choice for you.

Advantages of Self-Selling Houses

The main advantage is that you get more money when selling it than using the services of intermediaries. On sale, there is nothing complicated, but you will save 2-3 thousand dollars. To secure and guarantee that everything will go right and safely, you can take 300 US dollars for the services of a professional lawyer in support of real estate transactions. On the remaining money, it is better to go on vacation to hot countries than to give this money to a realtor for useless services. The money will be enough to travel together to Thailand for ten days.

Intermediaries only promise that with them the sale will go better. In fact, the market is the same customers. They seek through intermediaries, and independently. First, of course, everyone is looking for without intermediaries. Nobody wants to overpay money in vain. The fact that your house is sold without the services of realtors is a big plus. Many, in principle, do not want to contact them and overpay. And with the agency, you lose this category of people.

The Price and Terms of Sale of The House

Before you put a home for sale, you must determine the purpose that pursues. What can be the options?

• You want to sell a house at an average market price to meet within a reasonable time. Ready to sell for 2-3 months.

• You want to sell more than the market price, while you are prepared to look for an unlimited time buyer. Prepared to wait for the sale of the year and until better times.

• You want to sell a house quickly; money is needed urgently, so you are ready to lower the price below the market price. Until the end of the transaction from a week to a month.

$500 every two weeks. So, you will find the level of demand for your house and the real buyer.

The Main Thing Is the Market Price

As you can see, in any variant it is necessary to build on the market price. It is she who determines the time of sale of the house. And the market price is determined by the demand of buyers. It does not matter how much you bought a home or how much money was invested in repairs. Only the current state of affairs in the market is essential.

With a slightly understated price, you will sell quickly and without problems. With a price above the market, you can trade for years and not sell. The best option is to set the average price and gradually go lower. For example, reset the price to $500 every two weeks. So, you will find the level of demand for your house and the real buyer.